I Don't Have Your Eyes


I Don’t Have Your Eyes, written by Carrie A. Kitze and illustrated by Rob Williams, is a great picture book for an interracial family. This is a book that celebrates the differences and the similarities between children and the parents who may not look like them.

There is a difference between race and culture. Race comes from shared biological features; culture comes from shared experiences and values. This book, in a very simple and easy to understand way, is all about the difference between the two: a child may not be the same race as their other family members or friends, but they do have shared culture with them. Their eyes might be a different shape, but they view the world through a similar lens.

This is a good one for transracial adoptees or interracial families to help affirm that, though they may not look like family members, they still have a lot of similarities, strengths, and love between them all the same. The illustrations and tone of the book are very gentle and empowering, and a wide variety of different kinds of families are depicted throughout.

978-0972624428    32 pages     Ages 2-5

Molly Weeks Crumbley, Librarian, Maryland, USA

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