I Can Hear the Sun

I Can Hear the Sun

Lake Merritte in Oakland, California is home to wild Canadian geese, some homeless folk, and a boy named Fondo.  Fondo comes down to the lake every day to visit the geese.  He leaves behind the home for unwanted children where he sleeps at night and he leaves behind the feelings of failure and hopelessness.  Seems he isn't too accomplished when it comes to taking tests, but he and the Recreation and Parks worker, Stephanie Michele, are highly attuned to their natural world and especially to the geese.

How would you feel if you were alone in the world with no family of your own and then one day the people who took care of you decided to send you away because you needed a special school? Would you feel best when you were spending time with small blind goose?  Would you wish with all of your heart that you too could be a wild goose and fly to an entirely new and much better world?

This is a modern day myth told with great poignancy and requiring several tissues.

40 pages  Ages  7-10  978-0698118577

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