Hunwick's Egg

Hunwick's Egg

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Picture Book
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Harcourt, 2005

Hunwick, my dear friends, is a bandicoot and he is one of the CUUUUUTEST things you've ever seen. He lives in a "dusty desert" far from the places we see everyday. In this "foreign" land filled with amazing plants and animals and insects, there comes a storm that took the world and tossed it "inside out and upside down." And when it was over Hunwick came out of his burrow and found something egg. He instantly befriends the egg and takes it home. There he becomes "fond" of the egg and works diligently to create a warm, safe and happy home for it to hatch and become. As time passes, Hunwick begins to share himself with this quiet creature. The egg listens "in respectful silence" but it does not hatch. Hunwick has a friend who is always there for him. His exotic neighbors are watching the process unfold and they are concerned that the egg will never hatch. The magic of accepting others as they are is a lesson that can be learned at any age and certainly might be learned by Hunwick's neighbors. Will Hunwick feel sorry if he finds that his egg will never hatch? Will he lose his friend and perhaps a bit of himself? The story is told through the prose of Mem Fox with her amazing ability to empathize with young children at just the right level and through the life celebrating illustrations of Pamela Lofts. Welcome to a land of the exotic and the new and the wonderful. 32 pages Ages 4-8

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