Jade and her fraternal twin sister, Peaches have lived in the Nirvana commune all of their lives. A commune where you are given an eye color as a child and then again as a 17 year-old to set your course of life. Before Jade’s grandmother passes away she gives Jade her journal and tells her she can choose to read it or throw it away. Reading it will unlock a lot of secrets that will change her life forever. Choosing to read the journal, Jade learns secrets about her birth and when she finds out she has a sister it seems that her world is falling apart around her. Escape to the Outside seems to be the only answer. Living on the outside Jade and Peaches start to find a new normal but then learn that Outside is not safe either. Who can they trust? Where should they live? Is one place safer than the other? Can they ever convince their father that rules need to change in Nirvana? What will they choose and will they choose to stay together or live apart?

Joleen Waltman Media Generalist Aberdeen, ID