Tom Harriman is a man with amazing abilities... some would call them superpowers and when he's faced with four guys with guns, he doesn't blink an eye.  He knows he will overpower them and in minutes they'll be fearing him.  He has a mission to complete. He's there to capture The Rat and bring him to justice.  With his duties fulfilled he sets off for home flying his plane as always.   

Hours later Tom's son Zach knows without asking that his father is dead.  His mother's tear-streaked face is all he needs to tell him a truth he does not want to accept.  A plane crash off the East Hamptons has claimed his father, the assistant to the President of the United States.

But Zach isn't buying the story.  His father was too good at his job.  There are too many unanswered questions.  And some of those questions are about Zach himself.  Why can he pound a wall with all of his rage and anger and not have a scratch on him?  Who is Mr. Herbert and why does he think Zach has untapped powers he hasn't even discovered?

Is Uncle John a good guy or one of the Bads?  Zach makes some decisions that launch him into a world of deception and espionage.  He is being tested and prepared.. but for what? 

With his mother deeply involved in the campaign of Bob Kerrigan, fast friend of Tom Harriman, and now a declared candidate for President of the United States, Zach and his friend Kate, have some secrets to expose and are holding a feeling that time is running out and something big.. something big and bad... is about to explode in a city called New York.

This is a great read-alike for Alex Rider ( Anthony Horowitz) or Powerless (Matthew Cody).

Ages 9-13   289 pages  9780142419601

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