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Well, how great is this.  Having just returned from a trip out to Kearney, Nebraska to view the migration of the lesser sandhill cranes, I was thrilled to see this special book arrive at my doorstep. Count on Helen Frost to find the gems in nature and to write books that carry the imaginations of our children outside to the fresh air and natural world that cradles us all.

We begin our story with two eggs prominently perched atop a nest of broken marsh plants surrounded by water.  The elegant parents stand near by with their long legs bending, their wings spreading and their voices turned to the sky.  Following a gorgeous set of photographs that lead us to a newborn crane, tiny next to its parents, we are privileged to see a small, fuzzy little one beginning to find its way in the world under the watchful eye of mama.

This is a world seldom seen.  This is the mystery and magic of nature captured by spectacular photos.

If you have the chance to go out to see the epic migration of the sandhill cranes in Nebraska, you'll go home with images of cornfield after cornfield alive with the gray ballerinas searching for the volunteer corn they need.  These cranes are on their way up from Mexico and Texas.  The journey was described to us as taking the shape of an hourglass.  The cranes start their journey from within the wide points of the bottom of the hourglass and head to an eighty mile stretch of farms along the Platte River.  They spend weeks there eating the corn and getting fat so they can spread their wings to fly to Alaska, Canada and Siberia, their journey fanning out to create the top of the hourglass shape.

It's gorgeous. It's loud.  It's a cycle you can count on.  This wonderful book is the perfect door-opener to connecting children with this amazing annual migration.  Between 500,000-600,000 lesser sandhill cranes will land in this 80-mile stretch between late February and early April.   It's been happening since prehistoric times and even Lewis and Clark noted the cranes in their journals.

History, nature, science come together in this charming story with its first class photography.  A beauty for connecting our children to the cycles and patterns in the natural world around us.

32 pages 978-0763698584 Ages 3-8

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com


A poetic text and wonderfully intimate photographs follow a newborn sandhill crane as it takes its first steps into the world.

Will my legs hold me? What if I fall?

Peek in as a sandhill crane hatchling makes its first wobbly stand and takes its first steps alongside its brother. With their parents close by, they flap their wings and dance before enjoying a buggy treat. Someday they will fly with the majestic cranes overhead, but for now, Mama’s soft feathers beckon. With a lyrical narrative and lovely photo illustrations, this latest venture from an acclaimed creative team makes a perfect new baby gift — and will appeal to bird lovers, too.--from the publisher

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