Throne of Glass, Book 3: Heir of Fire

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Riveting.  Gripping.  Passionate.  565 pages... and plan to savor every single blasted one of them.

Okay, I admit it.  I love this series... I love it.  But, when I saw the size of this book 565 pages, I flinched.  In this day of skim and scan, was there really a book that could hold my interest and really, truly, down to the bone deliver a great, magnetic story that I would never want to stop reading?  Uh....Yeahhhhhh.

What has Sarah Maas given us?  She has conjured up and crafted a book that sweeps you inward to your deepest fears, your most difficult memories and your silently cherished hope that you really do have something left inside that will spring to life and send you soaring to the highest point of the universe where you discover you are amazing, you are powerful and you really do have everything you need to meet the challenges of your world.  Now that my friends is a gift of incredible magnitude.

Our cast of characters in this epic journey includes Celaena Sardothien whose soul has bled dry, whose heart has been shredded into tatters and whose sense of self has almost entirely been destroyed by the evil around her, the loss of those she loves and the horror of what she herself has done.  Celaena is sent forth to make her way to Wendlyn where she will meet with Queen Maeve and seek the information she needs to destroy the magic being wielded by the King of Adarlan.  This is a mission that would only be taken on by someone who either was incredibly brave or who has nothing to lose... or both.

She is leaving behind the Captain of the Guard, Chaol, who has selflessly sent her away and has stayed behind loyal to Crown Prince Dorian,  to discover the truth about where the power in this mad kingdom lies, where the magic begins and to protect and defend those who are in the right and fighting for the good.

Aedion, the king's general arrives at the Court, ready to serve the King of Adarlan and seemingly, acting in his own interest and looking down on Dorian, the Prince, with the greatest contempt and complete lack of respect.

Prince Dorian has come face to face with his own magic, his own power, and is searching for how to master it.  If his father, King Adarlan,  discovers Dorian's ability, he will most likely kill him.  King Adarlan has created a world in which magic cannot thrive except for his own.

Rowan, sworn by blood oath to serve Queen Maeve, will be Celaena's instructor before she can enter Wendlyn and meet with Queen Maeve.  He will decide when she has mastered her own powers with enough spectacular discipline and confidence.  

Rebels are watching and looking for opportunity to rise up against the oppression in their kingdom and King Adarlan is ruthless in his response to them or to anyone else who hints at displeasing him.  Can they prevail?

The witches are gathering at invitation of the king. What have they lost? What will they gain?

Struggle, despair and having the courage to walk to that place where there is no guarantee and have the guts to take the next step forward, these are the requirements for every character in this story.  They are all caught in struggles that seem impossible to overcome. The blend of the women and the men who seem utterly willing to give their all, to face every painful moment and every weakness, and come through forged by fire, is incredibly satisfying.

This is an adventure that rings true.  This is a story we know.  Every single one of us is fighting the same fight and facing the same darkness day by day.  Will we accept ourselves with our mistakes and our darkness?  Will we take those failures along and walk through the truth of them until we emerge in a light where we find out who we truly are with all of our own power and goodness?

This is a magnificent journey of the spirit delivered through four separate story lines all eventually to converge in a crushing crescendo filled with desperation and passion.  When I came to the last page, I got up and walked away to get the whistling teakettle before I read the last paragraph.  I really did not want to come to that last sensational word.  I did not want to leave these new friends who I cared so deeply for and I hope they'll call or at least text so I know how they're doing.

565 pages   978-1619630659  Ages  15 and up  (violence)

Recommended by:  Barb,

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