The Growing Story

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Harper Collins 2007 (originally published 1947)

It's spring and things are beginning to grow all around. A little boy and his mother explore as summer comes. The chicks are born and they being to grow. The grass and the flowers start to grow. The puppy grows.

Mother and son take his woolen coat and his warm pants and they box them up to store until winter comes again. Then, the little boy watches all summer long as his puppy becomes a dog and his chicks turn into chickens and the corn is "as high as a man." He can see that everything is growing.

When will he start growing? Then, the leaves begin to fall from the trees and the dog is "nearly up to the little boy's head." As the cold wind begins to blow, the mother goes to get the box of warm, woolen clothes. When the boy takes them out and puts them on, his pants are too tight and the legs are too short. Miraculously, all summer long, he has been growing too! Poetic and charmingly illustrated. The joy of "I'm growing too" will last forever.

40 pages 978-0060247164 Ages 4-7

Recommended by: Barb Langridge,

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