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" "She's like ... terminally uncoordinated," Ainsley Williams said, loud enough to reach the whole class. I pretended not to hear, but tears stung my eyes as Ainsley's clique giggled." Of course, Lily has tears in her eyes by now. So, life is tough for her. But things are about to have a huge shift. It's Lily's thirteenth birthday and one of the five gifts that arrives is a package from her beloved grandmother containing a gold key. The key will lead her to the world of leprechauns and Lily is about to find out that she has inherited leprechaun blood -she's a lepling-and she needs to pass a series of tests to follow in her grandmother's footsteps as keeper of the leprechaun's gold. In fact the leprechauns adore her. Can life get any better? Sure, it can. Enter Kylie Scarlet-fifteen year old male hunk keeper of the Scarlet clan's gold. Lily gets to know him and then feels great guilt that she to pass her third test, she will have to steal some of Kylie's gold. What can she do to get out of this conflict? He is such a sweet guy. As she overcomes her problems in the land of the weefolk, Lily gains a sense of herself and a great haircut. Her name is Lily, "start using it."

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1 Star—'It was OK.' 2 Stars—'I like it.' 3 Stars—'I LOVE it!'
I personally enjoyed this book. I'm above the recommended reading age, but I really needed something to read and gave it a try. The only qualm I had about it was that you never hear what happens to Kylie. I kept waiting for it, but it never came. Just my romantic side I guess. Always wanting that which doesn't happen... Oh well. If you're not a hopeless romantic, read it.
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