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A Neal Porter Book/Roaring Brook Press 2014
Science Curriculum

“What  goes up must come down”--Blood,  Sweat & Tears

Why must  it come down?  Why, gravity, of  course!“Gravity  makes objects fall to Earth.  Without gravity, everything wouldfloat away.  The Moon would drift away from the  Earth.  The Earth woulddrift away  from the Sun.  Luckily, everything  has gravity.”Most of  us take gravity for granted.  But  when gravity ceasesfunctioning, the words making up the text of Jason Chin’s  GRAVITY float away, makingthem part of the fun, high-flying visual tale about  the fundamentals of thisphysical force.

The  letters in those words accompany a young boy’s toy astronaut and toyspaceship,  his banana, sand bucket, and scores of other miscellaneousobjects that have  previously been sitting on a beach but are now floating awayfrom Earth.  Meanwhile, the young boy grabs hold of a  boulder and stays put.Eventually,  after some further textual and visual explanation of howgravity works, the  force resumes its pull and everything drops back to Earth.The young boy’s toys and snack end up  falling into a yard where some younggirls had been operating a lemonade  stand.  Meanwhile, their pitcher oflemonade, which had floated away, fortuitously lands in the hands of the boy at the beach.

A  two-page author’s note explains even more about gravity and relatedconcepts  such as mass and orbits.

This is  great science for the very young.Jason  Chin is able to do weightlessness and gravity like nobody’sbusiness.  Through his artwork, I can feel what it  is like to be adrift in spacewhere objects have little or no weight.

The  cover, which reminds me of being a child and watching the NASAbroadcasts of  sunrise from outer space, surely has to be the cover of the year.

32 pages   978-1-59643-717-3    Ages  4-9

Recommended by:  Richie  Partington, MLIS, California USA

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