Gooney The Fabulous

Gooney The Fabulous

“I have an idea!” said Gooney Bird. Everyone stopped to listen. Whenever Gooney Bird Greene had an idea, the rest of the class knew that something exciting was about to happen! Gooney Bird’s idea was the result of her teacher’s reading Aesop’s Fables to the class. Once again, Gooney Bird’s talent for story-telling kicked in and now the students were each going to write their own fable based on an animal that began with the same letter as their own first names and end with a moral. They will use all the writing skills and tools that Gooney Bird has already taught them ever since she came to this school. Nicholas was struggling to think of an animal that began with the letter N, but with the creative help of Gooney Bird, all ends happily!

Once again, this book is a delightful writing lesson woven into a fun tale perfect for the independent reader or for a class read-aloud. Gooney Bird Greene will charm you! Ages 6-9

Reviewed by Alexis Cuff – Elementary Teacher Librarian Palisades School District, PA

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