Goldfish and Chrysanthemums

Goldfish and Chrysanthemums

Nancy loves her grandmother, Ni-Ni, deeply and enjoys spending time with her in the kitchen watching Ni-Ni artfully create dishes for the family to share.

Today Ni-Ni is creating flowers out of carrot slices until the mail comes and she opens up a blue envelope from her brother in China. Suddenly she cuts a carrot slice in half...there is bad news in the letter.

As a child Ni-Ni had followed her father around his award winning garden helping to pinch buds off the chrysanthemums and taking care of the goldfish in the pond. Now word has come that the government wants her father's land for a new apartment building. The place of her past will be bulldozed and the garden will be gone forever.

Nancy watches Ni-Ni's heart break and wishes she could do something to make a difference. But what can one young girl do? Then, the idea comes to her.... A warm, touching story about family bonds, caring about others, and taking the initiative to do something challenging that just might touch someone's heart. 32 pages Ages 4-8 (takes place in the U.S.)

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