Go to Sleep Gecko: A Balinese Folktale


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August House 2006
  • Character-Building Curriculum
  • Social Studies Curriculum

How fun!  It's not everyday you come across a Balinese folktale!

Gecko, a bright yellow, smiley kind of guy, is not happy. Night after night he can't get any sleep because of those doggone fireflies who won't stop turning their lights on and off. ON.  OFF.  ON. OFF.  Gecko is exhausted so he does what any guy with a problem would do.. he heads over to Elephant's house and sits under his window in the middle of the night hoping to get a little help.

Elephant is the big boss so Gecko asks him to go talk with those blinky fireflies and convince them to stop with the light dark nonsense.  This is where things get interesting.  Gecko is about to get a lesson in the great big circle on life and how we all are connected to one another.  We all matter to each other.

Turns out Gecko just might miss his favorite meal if those fireflies don't do their job but to get there we follow the chain animal to animal...including the delightful fact that the buffaloes are dropping huge mounds of poop in the road nightly.  That alone will keep the wiggly ones tuned in to see just how that poop matters!

Recommended by:  Barb

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