Go Go Go Stop

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The life of a toddler gets really exciting when she realizes she can change the world with one word.  In this exciting story set in the midst of a construction project, our toddler is a little green circle named Little Green and Little Green has just discovered that all-important and all-empowering first word.  His word is GO!

  As any self-respecting toddler would,  he tries out.    Softly is good and medium is nice and loud is really cool!  Little Green and his word go rolling into town and discover an entire cast of large construction vehicles just getting ready to build a bridge.  Can that word GO help them do their jobs?

It is exciting to see what happens when he says, "Go,"  to his new friends.  Little Green shouts it aloud and everyone gets busy building and scooping and mixing and pushing.  This is a story about working with others and about doing something a little more than is for the best.  Most of all this is a story about the fun of building and unbuilding the world with giant, powerful construction machines!  Fun reigns supreme.

Ages 3-6  978-0375869242   32 pages

Recommended by:  Barb

Editor's Note:  This is a great read aloud.  Kids can help you say, "Go," in a quiet voice, a medium voice and a loud voice.

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