Germs! An Epic Tale on a Tiny Scale!

Germs! An Epic Tale on a Tiny Scale!

"Hold your nose and look down your toilet." Ah, an auspicious beginning indeed. There are germs in there... "too small to bite your bottom" but you know germs don't like you and there are millions of them "gazing" up at you! They are all after you... well, turns out not all of them... there is ONE germ who doesn't want to fight.

This book turns into a rip-roaring battle of the germs against the Giant and the Giant is YOU! With wild red eyes... most of them only have one eye and armed with nets and crooks and waving wild flags, they want to make the Giant ill. King Antibod and his army fight to protect the Giant but they have a tough time because the Giant doesn't wash his hands. Horrors!

Several pictures of a little boy comfortably ensconced on the pot... britches rolled up and socks askew as he flies his plane. Wonderful foldouts that deliver the battle in full force with rascally hilarious germs sporting armor and carrying very sharp objects.

A riveting, hilarious tale of an epic battle waged on a tiny scale. Romance, suspense and well-armed troops come together to teach a few important lessons about hygiene camouflaged as a battle royal.

 97801843651192 32 pages Ages 5-9

Recommended by: Barb

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