Geraldine was very happy living in her house and going to her school. When she finds out her family is moving, the world nearly, almost comes to an end.  She is not going to move.  She's a giraffe and giraffes just don't move well.

And she was right.  When she walks into the new school on the first day, she has become That Giraffe Girl.  You know...the one that is a giraffe.  She is an only giraffe.  No one else in her school is a giraffe. It's awful, awful I tell you.

Then one day in the Land of Lonely a girl shows up under the tree where Geraldine has been spending her lunchtimes.  This girl has arranged her food very carefully.  When Geraldine asks her who she is, the girl says she is the Girl Who Is Good At Math and Who Arranges Her Food.  Turns out she is also a lot of fun and she quickly becomes Geraldine's new best friend.

Labels. Aren't they fun?  Just imagine how fun they are when suddenly you are labeled and put into a box and made to feel different and wrong.

This is a delightful story starring the most perfect drama queen giraffe who learns that somedays you feel like crying and going home, but when you stop believing the labels and start seeing the wonderful truth about yourself, the world opens wide and you know you belong everywhere... old home and new.  The illustrations are utterly charming and will entertain many a reluctant reader with their giraffability.

40 pages             978-1626723597          Ages 3-7

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


No, no, NO!

Geraldine is NOT moving.

Not to this new town where she’s the only giraffe. Not to this new school where she has no friends. Not to this new place, where everyone only knows her as That Giraffe Girl.

But soon Geraldine meets Cassie, a girl who is just as much of an outcast as she is, and as time goes by, she realizes that being yourself and making one really good, unusual friend can help someone who literally stands out fit right in.

Together, Geraldine and Cassie play by their own rules.--from the publisher

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