An ordinary day with a walk along the sandy shore explodes into incredible wonder when a boy discovers some unusual flotsam washed up in the breakers. Turns out an old camera filled with a roll of undeveloped film has found its way to this boy's world.  

When the film is developed down at the one-hour photo place, unexpected scenes reveal themselves from deep in the ocean.  

How connected are we?  Where will your imagination take you?  What extraordinary adventures await you?

Recommended by:  Barb



An ordinary day at the beach turns into an extraordinary day at the beach when a young boy discovers an old camera washed up by the waves onto the sand.  Curious, the boy takes the camera to a one hour film development store and then the amazing world captured by the camera comes to light.

Wondrous secrets of the briny deep emerge to delight and tickle the imagination.  With a quiet tug your own mind senses that other worlds may exist just beyond our last thought.  

This story invites you to turn your own imagination loose the next time you are walking along a shell strewn shore or down a city street or up a mountain path.  

David Wiesner's imagination and fantasy worlds are beautiful, designed to the last perfect detail, and inviting. Come along and open your mind to all the amazing possibilities you can create.

Ages  6-10   40 pages   978-0618194575

Recommended by:  Barb

Livestream Interview with David Wiesner:  http://new.livestream.com/hcpsstv/events/2944224?query=&cat=event

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