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  • Flight of the Dragon Kyn (Dragon Chronicles, 2)

Flight of the Dragon Kyn (Dragon Chronicles, 2)

Flight of the Dragon Kyn (Dragon Chronicles, 2)

Healed from near-death in a dragon’s cave as a child, Kara can now call down birds from the sky, even in the coldest days of northern winter. When the king’s men come to take her to his lodge – so she can call down dragons!? – her family must obey, so she leaves her flocks and her kin, traveling over the rough winter seas with King Orrik’s brother.

Driven further and further north by human settlements, the dragons began attacking flocks and herds, so a nearby king and his men struck back. Many dead men later, the sister of that fatally wounded king has promised to marry King Orrik and merge their kingdoms – if he will slay the dragons that killed her kinsmen.

Orrik is sure that Kara of the dragon-green eyes can call down the dragons for him, but Kara is not so certain. What if she cannot contact the dragons? Will she remain the king’s captive? Will she never see her family again? Or worse – what if she can speak to the dragons after all and lures them into a deathtrap?

This first (in time) story in The Dragon Chronicles series carries us to the frosty northlands with 15 year old Kara seeking the age-old dragons, leaving us waiting for the next tale of Dragon’s Milk. 240 pages

Recommended by: Katy Manck, Librarian-at-Large (retired academic/corporate/school librarian), Gilmer, Texas, USA

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