First Drawing


Do you believe in magic?  How about the magic that comes out of the mind's eye and flexible fingers of an artist?  

Now, I want you to go deep into your own mind for a minute and imagine that you are living long ago.. about 30,000 years ago ... before drawing had been discovered.  There are no pictures of anything anywhere for you to look at.  No one has even thought of drawing something.

That's exactly where this delightful story with its indomitable adventurer of a character begins.  Meet this young boy who lives with his many, many relatives and his pet wolf in a cave. He is a cave boy living in prehistoric times.  He is the kind of boy who observes his world and is enchanted by it. 

One day he comes face to face with a wooly mammoth.  It's so much bigger and more powerful than our boy.  Our boy recognizes the wondrous qualities of the mammoth and he tries so very hard to share his thoughts and realizations with his family.  But, you know how families can be...they don't really listen and don't really believe what our boy has to say.

This is a wonderfully playful imagining of a boy who would have been a lot like boys of our day.  He explored and looked and got into a bit of trouble and he loved animals.  He saw them all around him even in the shapes of the clouds over his head.

More than anything this boy wanted to be able to show his family what he could see.  Maybe then they'd stop telling him to, "Go to sleep."  

This is a magical, whimsical journey filled with wonder and fun.  Great read aloud to start the imaginations turning.

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

 978-0316204781  Ages  6-10   40 pages  

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