Finding MORE Diverse Books Webinar

Prepared by: Michio W., San José State University

The current diversity tutorial is geared towards finding books featuring racial diversity, but we can expand on the types of diversity represented with different search strategies. It is crucial that children can be exposed to identities and cultures outside of their own as well as see themselves in literature when they are part of marginalized groups.

Building off the first diversity tutorial, this will be targeted for K-12 educators, school and youth librarians, and caregivers. Participants will learn a variety of search strategies that will help them in their search for a wide variety of diverse books to fit their curriculum needs or reading goals.


Finding More Diverse Books (Full Version)

This video is an overview of the tools on covered in this series that can help you find diverse books.

Keywords Page

This video defines what Keywords are, what they do, and how to use the Keywords page effectively to find books that celebrate diversity.

Previous Reads

One place to start looking for books is to use your previous reads as a starting point.

Award Winners

Did you know that there are many different book awards that can lead you to diverse books?