Far From You


Sophie Winters is seventeen years-old and already faced death twice. The first time she was fourteen and was involved in a nearly fatal car accident which left her with a bum leg, scars on her body and an addiction to OxyContin. The second time she is seventeen and is the witness to her best friend’s murder.

Mina and Sophie have been best friends since second grade, are very close to each other and share an emotional secret that they are too scared to share. After her best friend Mina turns her in for her drug addiction she is sent to live with her bounty hunter aunt to kick the addiction and counts the days of staying clean. Then when she is the sole witness to her friend’s murder no one will believe that she has not relapsed. The drugs found in her pocket were planted by the murderer and he is still out there. She is sent to rehab and counts her days to getting out so she can track down the man who murdered her best friend. Even if no one else believes her she knows that he is out there and she will do whatever it takes to clear her name and find her friend’s killer. 341 pages       9781423184621    Ages 14 and up

Recommended by Joleen Waltman Media Generalist Aberdeen, ID

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