Fantastic Adventures of Krishna (The Fantastic Adventures of Krishna)

fantastic adventures of krishna demi

The Fantastic Adventures of Krishna tells the enchanting tale of the child Krishna, who is sent by the God Vishnu to aid humanity. Hidden amongst the poor cowherds, Krishna uses his miraculous powers to fight an evil demon king who has overthrown the peaceful kingdom of Mathura. The story of Krishna, dating to the 8th century BCE, and forming an integral part of Hinduism, is beautifully brought to life by award-winning author and illustrator, Demi.---from the publisher

44 pages                        978-1937786052                            Ages 5-8

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Author/illustrator Demi (The Conference of the Birds) retells the tale of how Lord Vishnu, “the greatest of all the gods,” came to Earth as a child, Krishna, in order to “destroy all the evil demon kings and bring peace once again to the Earth.” The stories begin with his astounding escape as an infant from evil King Kamsa's prison and his adoption into a cowherd family, then continue with tales of Krishna's naughty childhood (stealing butter), phenomenal strength (lifting a mountain with his finger), and miraculous powers (swallowing a forest fire's flames). Each spread contains centered paintings framed by finely detailed, colorful, and ornate borders set against a pale beige backdrop. Text appears low on each page; empty space above draws the reader's focus to the illustration. Krishna, distinguished by blue flesh, appears either playing or dancing with animals and friends his size, or thwarting the king's increasingly elaborate attempts to murder him by conquering enormous demon animals or gods. More visually arresting than plot driven, this compilation of stories offers an accessible introduction to one of Hinduism's central figures. Ages 4–8. (Mar.) (Publishers Weekly)

Introduce your little ones to the stories of Krishna with The Fantastic Adventures of Krishna, written and illustrated by Demi. This delightful picture book condenses these classic tales into a version more easily understood by children, and is accompanied vibrant illustrations that kids will be pleased by. This book is a wonderful way to introduce your youngest readers to the tales of Krishna, and the simplified tale of good versus evil will keep them eagerly turning the pages until the end. (San Francisco Book Review)

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