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Fairy Godmother Academy: Kerka's Book

Fairy Godmother Academy: Kerka's Book

Like her mother before her, Kerka Laine is one of the last members of the Pax Lineage fairy godmothers.She and her sisters, Rona and Biba, always knew that they would one day be able to travel to the land of Aventurine to unlock their magical powers and become true fairy godmothers-in-the-making, but their mother passed away before she could teach them the skills they would need to master before making their journey.In the aftermath of her mother’s death, Rona and Kerka were sent to America to live with their aunt, and their little sister Biba, who has refused to speak ever since their loss, stayed back in Norway with their father.On the eve of her 13th birthday, brave Kerka finds herself suddenly traveling through Aventurine in her dreams.

She is given a daunting quest by the queen of the fairies: travel to the Three Queens mountain range and find her younger sister’s voice before it is too late.Her dangerous voyage through the snowy mountains will determine her future as a Pax fairy godmother and the future of her beloved sisters.But how can Kerka possibly handle such a big task without knowing all of the skills she needs?Armed with the Kalis stick that her mother left her, she and her reindeer companion Ardee have to master the wind, escape from a hungry wolf who follows their every move, and make it to the top of the mountain before time runs out.Aventurine is a breathtakingly magical place rich with folklore, and girls especially will like this girl-power series. 224 pages.


Recommended by Molly Crumbley, Librarian.

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