Everywhere Babies

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Everywhere Babies

I just opened my mail and found this wonderful big board book! This is one of those big board books that is perfect for sharing in a lap with your very own baby. It celebrates all the kinds of babies from the fat ones to the thing ones and from the summer babies to the spring babies. Making an obvious effort to include families of all races, we get an inside peek at babies on the couch with Dad or being rocked by Grandma. There are lots of babies for babies to look at as they turn the pages and explore babies eating, babies being kissed, babies showing different emotions in a blown up swimming pool, and babies going about their days playing and going out on errands. My favorite page is a baby who is practicing the art of walking. Wearing a diaper this baby stands, takes a step, sits down in surprise, gets back up and proudly struts off all displayed through thirteen little diapered African American baby angels! The one thing that surprised me about the book and perhaps disappointed me just a bit, is how very Western this book is. There is no baby shown in any environment other than a Western environment and all the clothing is Western clothing. Nonetheless, this is a very delightful and highly entertaining book to share with any baby. You'll love it.

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