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Keith Publications LLC January 2014
Character-Building Curriculum

Bullying?  Feeling small?  Getting picked on and feeling different and alone?  No child deserves to be treated like this or to made to feel not good enough.  But some days children go to school or out to the playground and life is not fair.  Things are said and done that leave young ones with hurt feelings and a sense that somehow their self is just not quite good enough.

So, what does a parent or caregiver say to that child to turn things around?  Is there a story that might soothe those hurt feelings and reach into that deep place to heal the wound?  

Here is a tool that parents can turn to as a wonderful resource to reach our struggling little ones.  Here is the story of a little girl named Krystal who is having a really bad day.  Luckily for her, a passing cloud has heard her pain and knows just what to say.  In fact, this cloud is about to reveal a very special and important secret.

Using the wonder of travel far out into space and the amazement of a spontaneous quick trip inside Krystal's own thumb, the cloud begins to show her something incredible about her and about all the children at her school.

The cartoon style illustrations keep the subject matter from getting too heavy and in fact, draw the reader forward to discover just what Krystal is going to discover. 

Written with great heart, empathy and a generous spirit, this story will offer reassurance and comfort to young victims of bullying and mean-spiritedness.  Every child, though, could benefit from reading this story to hear the message that all are filled with value and the very same specialness seen every night in the stars above us.  You carry that same wondrous material in you and it reaches down into your very core and essence of who you are.  You're made out of it and so is everyone else.  

A short flight to building a healthy, happy self-image with the smiling help of a wise and friendly cloud.  Nature is there to remind us we belong here just as we are.

38 pages   978-1628820300   Ages  4-8

Recommended by:  Barb

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