Easter Egg Farm, The

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Easter Egg Farm, The

If they would just allow her the quiet and peace an artist requires, Pauline, the hen, is certain she could produce great eggs. Indeed she does. But Pauline is a hen of of different color and her eggs are too. In fact the eggs are perfect matches for the sky, a ladybug and other familiar sights in Pauline's surroundings. Now, Pauline's owner, Mrs. Pennywort is a savvy lady who sees great potential in Pauline's scrambled gifts. She takes Pauline on little field trips to see great art treasures with the hopes Pauline will be inspired to recreate them as artistic egg treasures. So, she does. How delightful they are! And even more delightful when they hatch as little Mona Lisa's, etc. Each is an individual with great beauty and the eggs of these colorful offspring are gorgeously patterned as well. So, get ready to crack up and enjoy the fun.

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