Dog Rules

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“You  ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog”
--Elvis  Presley, 1956
“‘How  do we know if they are cats or not?’
‘We  can test them!’
‘But  how?’”
DOG  RULES is the picture book tale of a pair of dogs whose child doesn’t
behave as a  dog should behave.  It’s a brilliant and hilarious sequel to the
author’s  subversively funny CAT SECRETS (2011, Balzer + Bray). As with the
first book,  DOG RULES is an audience participation story that is sure to
be a crowd  pleaser.
In  CAT SECRETS, a trio of cats with a book called “Cat Secrets” confronts
the  reader: The book is for cats only, and the cats challenge the
reader/audience to  prove they are cats by meowing, purring, stretching, and napping
on  command.
In  DOG RULES, the action begins on the title page where the black cat, who’
d been  the ringleader in CAT SECRETS, has climbed a ladder to paint over
what had said  “Bird Rules” to now say “Dog Rules.” Then, on the copyright
page, the cat is  surreptitiously placing a nest containing an egg and a
note on the  ground.

A  pair of dogs come upon the nest and read the instructions:
    1.  Sit  on nest.
    2.  Hatch  egg.
    3.  Teach  baby to be a good dog.

Through  rain and snow, one of the dogs obediently sits on the egg, and it
hatches. The  baby does not at all behave like a dog, but the “parents” get
to work teaching  the baby to be a good dog.
This  is where the audience participation comes in. The dogs ask us to
demonstrate  proper  rolling over, and barking.
Nevertheless,  the dogs are mystified by their child’s strange behavior.
“‘Hmmm….Our  puppy hatched from an egg, tweets, flies, and eats worms.’”
But  this is all a set-up a satisfying, belly-laugh of an ending involving
the  trouble-making cat, and the well-taught

978-0-06-228018-3  Ages 3-7  32 pages

Recommended by:  Richie  Partington, MLIS, Librarian, California USA
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