Day the Stones Walked

Day the Stones Walked

A young boy, his father, the stone carver, Easter Island and the giant wave that came one day are the focus of this book which shows the danger that comes into this boy's life as a tsunami threatens all he loves. The bond between the father and the son is great. The bond between the boy and his island is great. What will reach out to save him when something terrible touches his life? What happened on Easter Island is a great lesson to us all about caring for our planet. A profound tale.

32 pages 978-0399242632 Ages 7-11


Not following the path of his relatives, Pico's father sets out to sculpt giant stone statues on his island with the belief that they will come to life and help out in times of trouble, yet thinking it an impossible plan, Pico changes his mind after the Great Wave crashes onto Easter Island and his dad's creations save the day.--from the publisher

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