Dave's Rock


Get ready for some fun.  This could be an early reader with a bit of coaching from someone who can read the words prettier, happy, stick and idea.  Get the idea?

Okay, so you have two cave guys, one named Dave and one named Jon.  They both have rocks.  Now you take a couple of guys and give them each a rock and they instantly start comparing rocks and wishing for something bigger, better, taller.  A short competition ensues as the two cave guys engage in this lightweight battle.

As they look for bigger and better rocks, a group of animal friends gathers as an audience to their hi-jinks.  The animals are paying close attention and are smarter than the average cave guy which results in a grand finale that will delight young listeners.

Can Dave and Jon get along or will they just keep on upping the rock ante?  They get as far as the tall mountain in the background before their attention is captured by the possibility of sharing the fun of doing something together.    That mountain is  a heck of a rock and we're not sure what might have come next.

The interaction between the two guys is fun but the animals really star in this one which holds its vocabulary to 29 words plus some plurals and possessives.  What a great book to make any beginning reader feel competent, capable of reading a big/regular book, and happily being highly entertained while doing all of the above.

Moral of the story is:  Keep an eye on the animals around you.  They might be smarter than we are.

32 pages              9781536202717                      Ages 4-8

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com

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