Curious Garden

Curious Garden

"On the west side of Manhattan there is an old, elevated railway called the Highline" that is now "shut down and forgotten." But, "without people and trains getting in the way, nature was free to redecorate." So, if nature can "thrive in the unlikeliest of places" then Peter Brown wondered "what would happen if an entire city decided to truly cooperate with nature? How would that city change? How would it all begin?"

In this curious picture book it all begins with a little boy named Liam who loves to splash in the rain. One day he is out in the colorless, drab city and he follows an old staircase up to some forgotten train tracks and finds the beginnings of a garden. Peter begins to tend the garden, awkwardly at first but the plants are forgiving. Day by day and season by season, Peter watches as his garden begins to curiously explore itself out of its boundaries. And gardeners spring up around the city. It's a wondrous thing and the city is no longer a drab place but is now a place full of life and bold flowers and mosses. The book awakens a child's imagination and sense of possibilities.

Ages 3-7  40 pages  978-0316015479

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