Cupcake Queen

Cupcake Queen

Fourteen-year-old Penny Lane is yanked from her life in New York City to Hog’s Hollow, her mother’s childhood hometown. In addition to having a hard time making friends and adjusting to her new life, Penny antagonizes and becomes the victim of the most popular girl in school. Penny discovers her talent in decorating cupcakes and that life in a small town can lead to romance and friendship in unexpected places. 256 pages

Recommended by Kathleen Nester, Librarian

Comments: Enjoyed reading it…high school girls will love it…

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(Updated: November 20, 2011)
Penny is dragged from New York to Hogs Hollow after her parents divorce. From the very beginning of school she already has an enemy - Charity. Her mom owns a bakery and once she gets the hang of decorating, she is called The Cupcake Queen.Not only does she seem to have only to friends, but she also has a relation ship with HIM.I think that this book screams THE WAY LIFE IS!
- Emma Oregon, USA
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