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Barely surviving a nasty run in with a toad, our new friend, a cockroach named Crickwing, is happily playing with his food. Each day he gathers pieces of food to be together and works with it to create a food sculpture. But day after day, bullies arrive just in time to snatch the delicious artwork away. Crickwing is sore and tired and doesn't want to put up with bullies any more. They make him feel small and helpless. To make himself feel better he decides to pick on the leafcutter ants he sees marching by. So Crickwing becomes a bully and satisfies his wounded pride by picking on these ants who are so much smaller than he. Little does he suspect that the Queen of the leafcutter ants will pronounce him enemy number one and that he's about to find himself trusses up and buried deep inside the ants' home. But not every insect is so small as to turn against another. The ants free Crickwing but they need his help against their enemy the army ants. Helping others is such a better way of co-existing than picking on the next little guy. A vividly told tale from the insect's eye view. Ages 5-9 48 pages

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