Clever Jack Takes the Cake

Clever Jack Takes the Cake

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Schwartz & Wade Books, September 2010

Oh, how fun! A new fairy tale story! And one that works and works well. An invitation arrives at Jack's house and it turns out he's been invited to the princesses' tenth birthday party. Now Jack is a poor lad who lives in a house filled with the basics of life but with nothing to take as a gift for the princess and no money to buy something for her either. What will he do? A resourceful lad he kisses the cow to get milk, trades his ax for some sugar and his quilt for some flour...well, you get the idea...this young lad gives up just about everything to get the ingredients together to make his present for the princess of the realm... a cake.

It's a beautiful cake when he gets it all baked and iced and tops it off with a succulent strawberry. Now, he has to carry the cake all the way to the princess and this journey will be fraught with peril. The fun begins as Jack meets adversary after adversary including a troll and a crow. Will the cake survive the trip? This is delightful. Ages 4-9

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