Cleonardo The Little Inventor

Cleonardo The Little Inventor

Once upon a time in a land rich in colors and stories, there was a father named Geonardo who had a daughter named Cleonardo..Cleonardo Wren to be exact.  Geonardo was a very talented and creative inventor of things.  Cleonardo was also a very talented and creative inventor of things and each day Cleonardo would join her father to help him with his work.

When their town announced the annual Grand Festival of Inventions, Geornardo got to work. Cleonardo came to work as usual but each time she made a suggestion her father dismissed it.   Unbeknownst to him, Cleonardo decided to work on her own invention.    Cleo was lucky to have the helping hand and heart of her grandfather, Leo.

Tucked away in her own special workshop, Cleo imagined so many things she could do with sticky big vines and fallen dragonfly wings. Could she invent something that her father would notice?    The day finally came for the contest and both father and daughter arrived with their inventions carefully hidden by rich cloth.  Who would win?  What would be the prize?

Set in a gorgeous fairytale like setting this has the look and feel of a timeless story of yore.

Fathers and daughters can have wonderful relationships when they give each other space, honor each other's gifts and cherish the gift they have in each other.

48 pages       978-0439357647        Ages 5-9

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


"Cleonardo's father is an inventor. So was her grandfather, her great-grandfather, and all the great-greats before them. Cleo wants to be an inventor too. She tries to help her father in his workshop, but he never uses her great ideas. Can Cleo invent something big and important and perfect all by herself?

This imaginative story of a father and his daughter brings the magic of creativity to little inventors everywhere."--from the publisher

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