Christmas in the Time of Billy Lee

christmas in the time of billy lee

Our story begins just after Thanksgiving in that magical month filled with traditions and secrets and wishes. For Ellie it seems as though something is missing. Ellie has a special friend, Billy Lee, who her parents cannot see. To her he feels like the little brother she does not have or the best friend she had always wanted. He shares in her hopes and adventures and is the voice that offers her hope. In Ellie's world there has not been snow for fifty years. Grandma can remember when it snowed and as she shares the wonder of her memory with Ellie, her voice changes, and Ellie thinks about her parents and how worried they are all the time. Now Ellie is blessed with her friend, Billy Lee. With his natural joy and love coming to her in a steady stream, Ellie chooses to make three wishes. She wishes that her parents would be able to see Billy Lee. She wishes that snow would come back to her town. She wishes joy would come back to her family and everyone around her and as Billy Lee tells her, "there is magic in believing in something good with all your heart." Jerdine Nolen has crafted a gift for us all. She combines mystery, family, hope, love and faith all in one lovingly written story. Some people try to do this and they just miss the mark. She hit the mark square on. The story will remind us all of the voice of our own Billy Lee who nudges and hugs us and reminds us we can do it. On a holiday evening to sit down and share this wonder with a child as a family gathered together, would be a beautiful way to spend a winter night. A beautiful gift. 40 pages Ages 5-99

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