Charlie's Superhero Underpants

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Charlie's Superhero Underpants

I know, I know. Another underwear book. But, trust me this one isn't the same as those others. You see, one day when the wind blows wildly,all the wash on the clothes line blows away. "Socks and shirts, a woolly hat....and Young Charlie's Superhero Underpants." These underpants are bright red -we're actually talking scarlet here-and have the letters POW boldly written across the front. Now all that laundry scatters to "all corners of the world." Everyone goes to seach for them because these underpants stand between us and some pretty dastardly supervillains. Charlie packs, holds a press conference, and ventures forth. He'll fly as far as France, across the plains of the Serengeti, down to Peru and out to the Mississippi. Yes, he finds hats and pajamas but still no underpants. Then, in Nepal, Charlie can't believe his eyes. It's a Yeti and I might add, it's like no Yeti you've ever seen before. It's a two page vertical spread Yeti and below his furry form, double fangs and warty snout, is a pair of scarlet underpants with the word POW! shouting forth. And the Yeti loves them. It will take negotiation to get them back. This is a whale of a tale taking kids to other lands in search of fun and adventure. A tremendous read aloud. 32 pages

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