Can I Tell You a Secret?


Pssssst!  Don't you love it when you instantly are the best friend of the main frog in the story?  Meet Monty (Montague to his parents) the frog.  He is green. He lives near water. His parents read the newspaper.  Yep, he's a regular croaker.  Well....pretty regular, except for one thing. He has a secret.  It's a problem kind of secret.  One of those secrets you might just be afraid to tell anyone else because you don't want them to think you aren't all things perfect and wonderful.

Monty has decided to tell us the secret.  He is even going to trust us to ask us for advice about what to do with his secret.

Told in beautifully large pictures that make this perfect for sharing with a storytime group at the library or preschool, this story has humor, pathos and trust.  When we watch someone else overcome obstacles, we get the suspicion that we too, though not frogs ourselves, just might be able to tell a grown up our secret and change the way the world looks until the next problem comes along.

Fun. Froggy.  Plenty of interaction between the reader and the froggius greenius.  Great way to talk with preschoolers about what to do when you are afraid of something.

(Beware the educated preschooler though who just might know that when the frog clings mistakenly to the leg of the Great Egret, the frog might never have to worry about his secret again if you get my drift.  He's dinner for sure. )

Just for fun:  This site has frog calls and one toad call.  The frogs we hear in Maryland in my neck of the woods are usually first the Wood Frog, then the Spring Peeper and the Chorus Frogs.  As the weather warms up, we get the American toad, the Green Frog (playing his banjo), the Gray Tree Frog and the Bull Frog.

Recommended by: Barb Langridge,

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