Joyful! Perceptive! Getting down into where kids really live!

What child doesn't wonder what it means to be BIG? And when exactly do you get to BIG? Is it when you drive a car or go off to college or turn 21? Is there a magical moment of BIGNESS? And what exactly does BIG look like?

Here is a story that asks the questions in a way that will resonate with children and remind adults that they are still wondering! Using bright, cheerful primary colors and a happy, sharing voice, we go looking for BIG together.

Everyone tries to teach children about character and this book breaks it down into pieces that children can understand and take for their own. BIG is certainly about growing up but it's about the inside you and the choices you make about how you are going to treat others, the planet and even yourself. Turns out owning the right things doesn't make you BIG. BIG is being kind and helpful! It's living life with a good heart and figuring out what is really important and doing things to be part of the BIG team.

This is about the deeper things in life and how they might be invisible but they really make the difference in how you feel about yourself. And they make the world the place we want it to be...we hope it will become. Be the change you want to see in the world as they say...

The artwork reminds me a lot of the style of Laurie Keller...OPEN WIDE, SCRAMBLED STATES OF AMERICA.

This one belongs in EVERY classroom and EVERY library. A great discussion book....

How BIG are you?

978-0-98299385-9   Ages  5-10  32 pages  (Barb)

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