Big Moon Tortilla

Big Moon Tortilla

The enticing smell of Grandmother's tortillas is curling around the nose of Marta Enos as she sits at the end of the day finishing her homework on a Tohono O'odham reservation in southern Arizona. When she can't take the delicious smell any longer, Marta stands up and charges to the door but in the process her foot catches on the table and the homework papers float off and are carried away by the wind. Dogs outside see the papers and think a new game has begun. They jump and snatch at the homework and pretty soon it has become scraps. Marta grabs feverishly at the papers too and her glasses slip down and break as she steps on them by accident in the fray. Tears are the only answer. But Grandmother has the soothing balm of a song and a story and she offers Marta a choice of how to see her problem. Telling a traditional tale, Grandmother offers four perspectives to Marta and to us. When you have your next problem, what will you choose? Ages 5-9 32 pages

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