Bicklebys' Birdbath

Bicklebys' Birdbath

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Picture Book
Atheneum, March 2010

Oh no! The mailman has fallen into the birdbath! With bold, bright two-page spread illustrations, the cast of characters of this cumulative story (a la This is the House That Jack Built) burst forth to reveal just how they helped to get him there. It took a bit of "help" from everyone from the bee that stung the moose to the flock of crows building their nests with the buttons and bows from the scarecrow. There are smiles on every face as everyone works to set things back to right! And oh, by the way, what was in that package the mailman was delivering anyway? It's a rhyming romp of a tale that's perfect for story time! Great read aloud to ages four to seven. 40 pages


Looking for a fun read aloud? The Bicklebys' mailman has just fallen into their birdbath. Imagine the amazement. How did this happen? Let's go back a all happened because of a small leak in the garden hose. Now, how did a small leak in the garden hose make the mailman fall into the birdbath you ask? Let's is the goose that chased the mailman and here is the moose that scared the goose and oh, you get the idea! Yes, it's a rhyming tale that builds on itself. It's a cumulative tale. The pictures are bright and big and perfect for a story time. The antics are humorous and the story has a happy ending complete with a clean up. What could be better? Great fun!

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