Beverly Billingsly Can't Catch

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Beverly Billingsly Can't Catch

One day as Beverly and Oliver are playing their positions in the outfield, Beverly asks Oliver how he feels about being picked last. He hadn't really noticed but she points out that the team captains were actually arguing about who would have to take them for their teams. Beverly doesn't like being picked last. It doesn't feel good. So, she stops at the library determined to get a book that will teach her to play softball well. LIttle by little with help from the librarian and the coach, Beverly and Oliver learn the little tricks that can make a difference in how they play. They "had never worked so hard on anything." A few months later, they find themselves still being picked last. As usual they take their positions in the outfield and Oliver's field doesn't even have a name. But as the game goes along, Beverly and Oliver reveal their new skills and their new self confidence much to everyone's surprise. A great little story about feeling left out and overcoming the obstacles. Ages 5-8 32 pages

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