Bee & Bird

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Bee & Bird

Sometimes you have to take a step back to really know what you're looking at and that is precisely the case in this fascinating, artistic journey of a bird and a bee. It all depends on your perspective, you know? We begin with a beautiful, big bee neatly laid out on a large red space with a touch of yellow and an edge of green on the facing page. What are you looking at? Take a minute and see if you can figure it out before you turn that page. The fun begins as you turn and find a whole new look at what you thought you were seeing. So now you know that with each turn of the page you will get to guess again and see if you can outsmart the book. Each page has large, bold, striking shapes and patterns that will delight. Where will the happy pair find themselves next? Can you figure it out before they show you? Great read especially for kids who like to interact with a story, who hate to sit still for a story, and who love to find things in the pictures. It's wordless. Ages 4-8

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