Beach House


Beach House just might be the perfect summer book for kiddos. The illustrations, done in golden-hued watercolors, immediately bring up feelings of nostalgia and time spent with family. The story follows a family as they arrive at their vacation house at the beach, and their comings and goings are related in gentle rhyming fashion. “Doors fly open. End of the road. ‘To the beach!’ ‘Not yet—unload.’” Soon enough, the family is unpacked and the much-anticipated summer vacation can begin!

Grown-ups will enjoy reminiscing over their own vacations-past, and little ones will adore the beautiful pictures and look forward to summer.

*Notes from a 3-year-old: My son love-love-LOVES the beach, so this was right up his alley. He especially liked illustrations showing the children at play in the sand, and it was a great read before a trip to the Chesapeake Bay for our own beach day.


32 pages  Ages 3-6  978-1452124087

Recommended by Molly Crumbley, Librarian, MD, USA, and her son Bash.

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