Basil's Birds

Basil's Birds

It's spring and birds are doing what comes naturally-they are building nests! Now we all know they don't always pick the best spot for that nest. Sometimes the nest is just sitting in the wrong place and that's what happens at Perch Elementary School when Principal Kabalsky notices nests on the flag pole and in the downspout and right over the door.

She calls the school janitor, Basil Berkmeister, and directs him to "get rid of these birds." A hard working man, Basil does his bests to swat and sweep and otherwise clean out those birds. But, he's exhausted after all of his efforts and he collapses on the playground slide for a well-earned snooze.

Now, these birds know a good nesting site when they see one and they swoop in and build while Basil dreams away. When he wakes up he has no idea he's sporting a new "do." When you find out you have a bird's nest on your head, should you keep it or get rid of it? Basil is a man of responsibility and great heart and he takes good care of his nest and becomes a father. Colorful, primitive illustrations lend a comic feel to the whole story. This would be a fun spring read aloud for a class of wiggleworms. 32pages

Recommended by:  Barb

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