Apple Countdown

Apple Countdown

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Albert Whitman & Company, 2009
Mathematics Curriculum

In this reverse counting book that turns out to be much more, the kids in Mr. Yee's class are excitedly preparing for a trip to an apple orchard. As the bus takes them to their destination, children make observations about what they see. "'Eighteen miles till we're there,' says Claire. 'Eight miles, turn, then go ten,' says Ben. 'Name seventeen things we might see,' says Mr. Yee. "An apple tree!" calls Lee. When the enthusiastic bunch arrives at the appropriately-named Applebee Farm, they are greeted by Farmer Applebee herself. After checking out--and counting--the cows, ducks, rows of trees, and beehives, the class finally gets to pick apples. But the best treat is yet to come: "'Three apple pies for us!' says Russ. 'How many slices are there?' asks Claire. 'Two times six, plus eight,' says Kate." As the class is making its way to the bus, crunching on their freshly-picked apples, Lee's tooth (which has been wiggling throughout the story) finally comes out as he takes a bite. Bright illustrations and minimal, easy-to-read text make this a perfect book for beginning readers as well as for reading aloud. Happy expressions on the faces of the children, adults, and even the farmer's dog add to the fun atmosphere. The counting down, addition, and multiplication are so much a part of the story kids might not realize they are learning math concepts. Apple facts inside the book covers are an added bonus. A delectable book. Ages 4-7

Recommended by Basya Karp, Librarian, New York, USA

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