Anh's Anger

Anh's Anger

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Plum Blossom, Aug 2009
Character-Building Curriculum

Young Anh is building a tower in the living room while Grandfather is preparing dinner. Grandfather calls Anh to dinner but the tower is not finished yet. Anh doesn't want to stop building. He gets very angry. His words won't come. Then he knocks over the tower and yells at his grandfather. So his grandfather sends him to his room to "sit with your anger." Anh throws himself on his bed. Then he hears a voice. It's a hairy, red creature. It is in fact, his anger. His anger starts to talk to him about how he feels. Then, the anger shows him some things he can do to deal with his feelings. He spins his arms round and round and pounds the ground. Then he breathes out and in. Anh asks his anger if he'd like to stay for dinner but his anger says he won't be around that long even if they are having ice cream for dessert. A wonderful tool for helping young ones deal with their feelings.

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