A Tale Dark and Grimm

A Tale Dark and Grimm
Once upon a time, fairy tales were a whole lot cooler than the ones that you might have heard.
Back in the day, the Brothers Grimm wove some totally bloody awesome stories, many of which
have been lost to the ages in favor of flouncy princesses and happy endings.
A Tale Dark and Grimm sets the record straight, retelling some of the best of the Grimm fairy
tales in an innovative new way. Hansel and Gretel, famous for their gingerbread house-eating,
are cast as the heroes of all of these stories, which are spun together to form one merry gory
Not all is well in the kingdom of Grimm, and the two unfortunate siblings are forced to find their
way in the world, falling head over heels into trouble with every step of their journey. All the
siblings want is to reunite with their long lost parents (who, by the way, once chopped off both
of their heads…but don’t worry, they got better!), but numerous evil adults, monsters, and even
the devil himself keep thwarting them. In the end, all that stands between Hansel and Gretel and
happiness is a huge horrible dragon. Not surprisingly, it falls to the children to save the kingdom
from the fire breathing beast…and a happily ever after ending is nowhere in sight!
Kids (especially boys) will get a kick out of this twisted fairy tale, which has plenty of tongue-in-
cheek humor, daring feats, and severed body parts to go around. Fairy tales are cool again.
192 pages. Recommended by Molly Crumbley, Librarian. Maryland

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I don't have much to add from the previous review except to say that I don't believe this book is appropriate for the middle reader. Definitely more appropriate for 11-13 age range in my opinion.
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