A Pig Parade Is a Terrible Idea

A Pig Parade Is a Terrible Idea

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Simon & Schuster 2010

Now everyone at one time or another has thought that having a pig parade would be a great idea. But, thankfully, here is an expert to guide us away from this doomed plan. You see, pigs refuse to wear majorette uniforms, have terrible taste in music, and prefer snuffling to marching. The illustrations in this book just couldn't be better. From the energetic views of hundreds of marching band pigs to the close up views of the most disgusting pig noses you'd ever hope to meet, the fun is running riot. With the pig sitting on the bent trombone, it is absolutely clear that having a pig parade is the world's worst idea...but there is another possibility that you may not have thought of!

Ages 4-7     40 pages     9781416979227

People come up with many bad ideas in life but this book is not one of them.However, Michael Ian Black felt so strongly about one particular bad idea that he decided to write about it.He addresses his audience on the first page of the book, which immediately grabs his intended young readers. Throughout the book he goes on to explain why he thinks this pig parade idea is silly and nonsensical in ways young readers could relate to. At the end of the story he has a better idea, a panda parade would be a better site to see. Leaving you with that is a definite springboard to many lively discussion possibilities. I would also recommend using A Pig Parade is a Terrible Idea as a good example for teaching young readers how to express written point of view.


Recommended by Tina Nabinger, school librarian, New York

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