A Party In Ramadan

A Party In Ramadan

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Boyds Mills Press, 2009
Character-Building Curriculum

Leena is thrilled to be invited to the birthday party of a playmate, until she realizes that the party is the same day that she has chosen to fast with her family as part of the Ramadan celebration.Torn between the two choices, Leena decides to do both, attending the party, but maintaining her fast.At first all goes well, with Leena choosing another activity while the other party guests have lemonade, but when the others sit down to chocolate cake, Leena feels tired and hungry, and begins to develop a headache.Excusing herself from the party, she falls asleep, and wakes up back at home.Here she receives praisefrom her family, and joins them happily in the iftar dinner to break the fast, realizing that her difficulties have given her great appreciation for the food.When the neighbors arrive with some chocolate cake that they have saved especially for her, Leena feels that she has learned some important lessons from the day.

This is a story of a young child coming to terms with her identity, despite being different from most of those around her.It is also a beautiful depiction of tolerance and understanding, as exemplified by the friend who offers to pass up the cake to stay with Leena at the party, and by the party family, who support Leena’s fast and validate her choices by saving cake to share with her at a more acceptable time.This book serves as a window for non-Muslims into an often misunderstood culture, and is a great resource for teaching about choices and tolerance.The pastel pencil illustrations show a Muslim family in a modern middle-class neighborhood, and bring to life the strong neighborhood and family ties.The book ends with an explanation of Ramadan and its importance in the Muslim faith, and an explanation of the hijab, the headscarf worn by Muslim women.Recommended by Linda Lucke, Librarian.

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