A Nest Is Noisy


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Chronicle 2016
Science Curriculum

Picture a bird's nest in your mind for a moment...can you see it..the brown circle made of twigs tucked neatly up in a tree maybe even in your backyard?  Sometimes they are small and sometimes if you are really lucky you'll be out somewhere in the wild and you'll get to see an enormous bald eagle nest high in the trees.

But, open this lovely book and you will instantly discover nearly 20 nests some belonging to birds and some belonging to mammals and other creatures.  They are all shapes and sizes and rendered in gentle colors that give off an aura of warmth and wonder.

So, come on along on another in the amazing series from Dianna Hutts Aston and Sylvia Long.  You'll be treated to the buzzing and squeaking and bubbling of babies in their nests.  You'll get a chance to examine all the bits and pieces that have been gathered to build the nest.

Turns out the world of nests is amazing.  There are hot nests and peculiar nests and sometimes very noisy nests.

This is another rare beauty from this talented duo who clearly treasure nature and all of her unique and gorgeous creations.  A fantastic chance to see nature up close with a child and build that sense of curiosity and appreciation as you discover together.

40 pages  978-1452127132  Ages 4-8 Other books in the series: A Rock Is Lively; A Beetle Is Shy; A Seed Is Sleepy; An Egg Is Quiet; A Butterfly Is Patient

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com

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